Complete solutions for complex evaluation and selection tasks
Decision Support

SEAS specializes in quantitative methods for evaluation, comparison, and selection of products, services or locations. Our mission is to bring intelligent automation and decision support to a wide spectrum of selection problems that involve complex criteria. SEAS solutions combine decision support tools (application software and infrastructure components) and evaluation consulting services.

Our solutions enable decision-makers, corporate buyers, and selection consultants to complete professional, precise evaluations and make the best selection out of many complex choices. SEAS decision support technology can power existing selection-driven applications (such as procurement and supply-chain management), or it can be deployed in standalone mode.

  • A complete solution for high-cost or high-volume purchasing managers
  • A decision support tool for executives making complex choices
  • Price negotiation tools that help buyers dynamically negotiate prices based on the competitive bidding environment
  • Pricing strategies that allow sellers to optimize profit and outperform competition
Who Benefits from SEAS Solutions?

Professional Buyers
SEAS tools help professional buyers (purchasing managers) select the best supplier and product for set requirements or set budget. Alternatively, SEAS Professional Services can help decision makers define requirements, compare and rank bids, and negotiate with suppliers.

Professional Sellers
SEAS offers professional evaluation and competitive analysis of your products. SEAS modeling tools show rankings for various buyer requirements and pinpoint target user segments. SEAS Professional Services offer assistance with competitive pricing strategies for a specific product, buyer or set of requirements.

Selection Consultants
SEAS tools expedite comparison and selection projects, and allow consultants to focus on their industry expertise--not on evaluation techniques. Evaluation models can be reused or dynamically adjusted with additional criteria.

Executive Decision-Makers
SEAS decision support, products and services enable decision-makers to:

  • Specify complex requirements
  • Rank available options
  • Analyze various cost/value scenarios
  • Negotiate prices
  • Make the final product selection
  • Justify and document decisions

SEAS solutions have been used in a wide array of industries and markets including: manufacturing, utilities, transportation and financial services. We have successfully assisted clients with:

  • Purchasing decisions (procurement and strategic sourcing)
  • Technology solution selection
  • Urban, spatial, and regional planning
  • Ecological system evaluation
  • Medical evaluation
  • Systematic and quantified decisions
  • Increased productivity resulting from automated selection processes and reusable evaluation models
  • Savings from better contracts
  • Automated reporting that documents the evaluation process and justifies decisions.
SEAS Advantage
  • Superior technology
  • Customizable solutions
  • Third generation of tools
  • Innovative features such as decision verbalization, price recommendation, and bid/price optimization techniques