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Spatial Resource Management

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Decision Support Systems for Spatial, Urban and Regional Resource Management

SEAS teamed up with European GIS experts to integrate the LSP decision method with spatial information available from modern GIS databases. We developed  customized methodology and software tools for spatial and regional resource management, resulting in leading edge services in the areas of:

  • Urban planning – selection of optimal locations for objects
  • Choice of development strategy
  • Quantitative analysis of spatial resources, comparison of alternatives, and optimum decision making
  • Comparison and classification of complex urban objects
  • Landscape evaluation and classification
  • Suitability maps
  • Research in the areas of evolutionary modeling, dynamic evaluation, and land-use substitution
LSP Benefits

The LSP method provides a professional decision support environment for evaluation, comparison, and selection. GIS experts have successfully used it for evaluating complex spatial and regional resources, realizing multiple benefits:

  • Accelerated and low-cost evaluation and selection process.
  • Substantial global savings which fully justify the cost of an LSP evaluation project.
  • Ability to precisely reflect specific needs of any given user.
  • Well structured, systematic, and quantitative evaluation.
  • Flexibility to update and/or expand the evaluation criteria whenever additional needs are identified.
  • Final evaluation results that are user-specific, reliable and verbalized in a detailed evaluation report.
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