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System Evaluation and Selection (SEAS) specializes in quantitative methods for evaluation, comparison, and selection of complex products or services. SEAS develops decision support technology that powers selection-driven applications such as procurement, supply-chain management, IT selection or urban planning software. Our tools enable end-users (corporate buyers, decision-makers and selection consultants) to complete professional, precise evaluations and make the best selection out of many complex choices.

SEAS applies an advanced decision support methodology to precisely and completely express the needs of users. Logic Scoring of Preference (LSP) is a quantitative method used for evaluation, optimization, comparison, and selection of general complex systems. The method has a theoretical foundation in continuous logic and advanced optimization techniques. LSP helps users define requirements, rank preferences, negotiate the price and optimize their selection. Evaluation models include hundreds of relevant attributes and sophisticated logic relationships, providing documented justification of proposed decisions. The evaluation process is supported by proprietary software and benchmarks.

The LSP methodology was developed and refined in practice by SEAS co-founder Dr. Jozo J. Dujmovic, one of the leading experts in the evaluation field. He has led over thirty professional evaluation and selection projects for clients such as National Bureau of Standards and companies spanning the utilities, manufacturing, financial, and transportation industries. Prior corporate and governmental clients have enjoyed substantial savings and acceleration in their evaluation and procurement efforts. SEAS' team brings specific expertise in computer purchasing consulting services and spatial, urban & regional resource management consulting.

SEAS is based in San Francisco, California. For additional information please contact us at